Cheek Aesthetic Operation

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Hollywood cheek aesthetic remodels a U-shaped face into V-shape and makes cheekbones more distinct. Facial characteristics of a person are very important for his/her recognition in the society and differentiation from others.

What is Cheek Aesthetic?

Face is the first place that catches our attention when we meet a person. Although nose, mouth, cheeks, lips, eye color and hair are not examined separately at first, they serve for the beauty of the face as integral parts of it.

Face and Golden Ratio

Beauty criteria of people is actually related to proportional organ distribution and present tissue percentage.For example, thick and full lips, slightly upright nose and full cheeks are proportionate to the total face, eyebrows are curved and chin is small.Therefore, we can say that beauty of people is associated with golden ratio.Golden ration can be expressed as the percentage of each organ and aesthetic harmony of the face with these values evokes the perception of beauty.If a person has a face with golden ratio, then that will be a faced that is admired.Chin and triangular cheek area are the most important elements of golden ratio of the face.Face looks young, attractive and aesthetically pleasing with this ratio.The foundation of Hollywood cheek aesthetic is based on golden ratio, distinct cheekbones and thin chin region.

What is Bichectomy, Hollywood aesthetic?

Hollywood cheek aesthetic, also known as bichectomy, triangle face operation, V face operation, is also frequently used for faces with square contour and faces with excess amount of fat.The operation performed for Hollywood cheek aesthetic provides successful results.Cheek aesthetic is also called Bichectomy.And Hollywood cheek aesthetic is actually the popular name of the operation.This operation is the removal of excess fat pads located 1 cm away from the cheek area from inside the mouth without leaving any externally visible scar.The removal of these fat pads leads to reduced cheek volume, more distinct cheekbones and smaller look for the chin.

Cheek aesthetic planning

Cheek aesthetic surgery is a significantly easy surgery completed in thirty minutes using local anesthesia or under general anesthesia depending on the preference and general condition of the patient.Generally, experience of the surgeon in this field is of crucial importance.The size of the fat to be removed from the cheek area, its shape and remodeling of the chin to the desired shape depends on the personal preparation of the cheek triangle prior to the operation.In short, planning must be personal and very meticulously prepared.If fat is collected in excess or from a wrong area, desired triangular form cannot be achieved and results will not be good.Particularly age, chin and cheekbone dimensions of the patient form the basis of the amount of fat to be collected.Therefore, never forget the importance of the experience your aesthetic surgeon has in this regard.

Cheek aesthetic and age

We recommend the removal of cheek fats not before twenty or twenty-five years of age.Unless it is an extreme case, not removing the fat before 20 years of age is good to avoid future problems.Because thickness of the fat layers at this age starts to decrease in later years, this is why we recommend patients to be at a certain age.Genetic characteristics of the patient is also important for this procedure.

Hollywood cheek and application

Hollywood cheek aesthetic, cheek aesthetic surgery, is performed under anesthesia or with sedation.In traditional method, operation is conducted only inside the mouth and there are no external scars.The external sides flatten due to the decreased amount of fat inside the cheek.If the patient frequently gains and loses weight, it is more appropriate to perform the cheek aesthetic surgery when the patient is at an excessive weight.If the incision in the mouth is anatomically planned, fat mass that cause fullness in the cheeks can be easily reached and removed.This large fat mass is called Bichat fat pad and its anatomic location is predetermined by genetics. Bichat fat pad has a main mass and three or four extensions.Therefore its extent and direction will be decided by your aesthetic surgeon after your total examination.A personal planning must be performed.

After cheek aesthetic

There will be small sutures inside the mouth after cheek aesthetic.Therefore, liquid food should be preferred during the first day after the surgery.You can eat normal food during the late hours of the day and you won’t have any problems with chewing slowly.Oral rinsing must be performed for the first three days following the cheek aesthetic surgery.Because the sutures inside the mouth must be kept as sterile as possible.As part of the sutures have a soft texture, patients do not feel pain and sometimes they even forget that they have sutures inside their mouths.Sutures inside the mouth will dissolve within a few days following the cheek aesthetic surgery, therefore, slight sensitivity felt in the cheek disappears within days.Most of the patients get back to their social lives after the surgery.

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