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Hair growth begins in the intra-uterine life and continues throughout the life span of the person. Although hairs are thin and light colored in the uterine life, they begin to thicken and darkening after birth. There are about 100 thousand hair follicles in the scalp of a newborn.

Our hair grows for a certain period of time and sheds, but they are superseded by hair follicles. Although there are interpersonal variations, 80 to 120 hair strands may shed every day and it is a result of the normal life cycle of body hairs. Each hair strand progresses through growth, resting and shedding phases.

Hair loss is considered, when hair gets thinner, more than typical hair sheds while combing and bathing, and when the frontal hairline recesses.

Numerous factors play a role in hair loss, including but not limited to genetic predisposition, exposure to chemicals, drugs, psychological stress, skin diseases, systemic diseases, hormonal disorders, surgical procedures, improper hair care and, insufficient nutrition. One or more of these factors in combination may be responsible for the hair loss, although may be impossible to identify an underlying cause.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a manner of obtaining the donor's hair. After the extraction of the hair grafts from the scalp, the method of transplantation is identical to that of FUT.


An FUE hair transplant involves the removal of individual follicular units from the donor area on the scalp, one by one, using a specially designed blunt-tipped punch tool. This differs from Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) where a donor-strip-of-skin is taken and the follicular units are dissected from that strip with the aid of a powerful microscope.

The FUE procedure was developed as a result of some patients’ dissatisfaction with the presence of the donor-area-scar on the back of the head. But, with a proper surgical technique, this scar should be virtually invisible.

Both FUE and the FUT procedures have their benefits and drawbacks, some of which are listed below for ease of reading:

- For patients undergoing an FUE procedure ordinarily, the entire scalp need to be shaved in advance of their procedure, for those undergoing a FUT procedure only the section of hair to be removed is trimmed.

- In an FUE procedure, the graft yield may be lower than with FUT which implies that you may get less donor hair for transplantation. This is because it is not possible to harvest as much hair.

In an FUE procedure, the growth rate of the grafts is often lower as the accuracy of the punch tool used is not as good as a skilled technician using a microscope.

A stitch is required in a FUT procedure, whereas in an FUE procedure, no stitches are needed.

For patients that like to wear their hair very short, FUE may be the preferable option, as the marks resulting from the FUE procedure are less obvious in very short hair as they are more spread out.

Should a patient decide to return for a 2nd or 3rd hair transplant procedure, with the FUT technique a skilled doctor can remove the scar from the patient’s previous surgery, but with the FUE technique this is not possible and new scars will always be created with subsequent surgeries.

Our package Include, but are not limited to:

 1. Transportation
You will be picked up at the airport, and transported to your 5-Star hotel, or our recuperation facilities, in a car of your choosing. All other transportation needs are covered also.

2. Medical Procedure
Pre-Operative Examination 
Hair transplantation FUE/FUT technique with guaranteed Maximum Graft Transplantation
All subsequent medications
Postoperative inspection by your doctor
7/24 open emergency line

3. Accommodations
You are given the option to stay at any 5-Star Hotel of your choosing, or you can choose to stay at our Luxurious VIP Villa where you will have access to medical personnel 24/7. Should you choose to stay at a hotel, then your personal assistant will coordinate the medical care with the clinic.

4: VIP Assistant
You will be assigned a personal VIP Assistant whom 24/7 will take care of all of the practicalities, and strive to make your stay and operation a pleasant experience.

5: After-Surgery Luxuries
You are given the option to go out on sightseeing trips, and experience all of the best that Turkey has to offer. Be it boat trip in the Bosphorus, or Hot Air Baloon Tours in the ancient city of Cappadocia, you will be treated the best way possible, for as long as you may require.

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* Note: The information you send will not be shared with third parties.