Hair Cloning Technology

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What is Hair Cloning (Also called Hair Multiplication)

Hair multiplication is suggested to work along similar lines to actual cloning, in that cells are removed from a host, and then cultivated in a laboratory environment. Once they’ve sufficiently multiplied, these cells are then reintroduced to the scalp where it is expected that they will regenerate.

This method has run into difficulties in its development since it has been found that only a minor number of germinative cells can be extracted with each shaft of hair. Even further, few such cells will survive after being reintroduced into the scalp making it very difficult for them to generate a new follicle. Our team of expert doctors are therefore in intensively researching ways to improve upon this new technique and are gaining new and valuable knowledge on a weekly basis. 

How it works

Hair Cloning & Multiplication | Turkey

First a small strip of skin and hair is removed from the back of the head. This small strip is so small, that only the tiniest and an almost invisible scar is left when the area has fully healed. Your own native and existing hair will hide the harvest sites and postoperatively patients go back to normal life almost immediately. 

The Dermal Papillae cells which contain the bodies instructions for hair growth are extracted, and thousands of copies of the hair follicles are grown in the laboratory. 

When this process has fully completed, the patient is invited for the final part of the operation. In this final procedure, the patient is given hundreds "sometimes more" injections into the scalp each containing a number of hair follicles that are capable of growing new hair, in the area that was previously bald. 

What is the Cost of Hair Cloning?

The cost of treatment does not have a shelf price, but we do provide a guide to give you an idea of how much the treatment will cost. Male head types are divided into 12 different categories according to the extent of hair loss that has been suffered. Typically 1000 grafts will cost from $6000 and up. In the most severe cases, it is unlikely that a full head of hair can be achieved.

Rough prices for men range from around $5000, for scalps which require fewer grafts, to around $25.000 for types which require a larger number of grafts. These prices are only for the Hair Cloning treatment only, and does not include any of our other exclusive services.

Beware: The contents, including the prices, are subject to change at any given time. Please call in and consult with one of our expert doctors, for the latest news and more accurate prices.

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* Note: The information you send will not be shared with third parties.