Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

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Millimetric facial imperfections in the face are equal to one mile in the soul, and small changes can provide a tremendous improvement to the facial form of the patients.Rhinoplasty without Surgery is an application that helps to regulate the contours by applying fillings to our patients who do not want radical changes in their nose.

What is Rhinoplasty without surgery?

Filler application, which is a highly reliable injection used in many fields of health and especially in medical aesthetic applications for almost half a century, is a complementary application in which many useful contents, especially hyaluronic acid, can be injected into the subcutaneous tissue.Filling applications can provide solutions to skin problems with wrinkles and loss of volume, as well as a practical application to those suffering from contusion problems and nose tip ptosis.Fillings are under the title of facial aesthetics and they are included in the application of facial filling, providing a practical solution in Rhinoplasty.Anyone who complains of nose ptosis but do not want radical changes and to take the risks of surgical interventions can have this procedure applied.It is an extremely comfortable process, especially for the generation of a new profile and for the nose ptosis.

How is Rhinoplasty without Surgery made?

In Rhinoplasty without Surgery where outpatient protocols are applied, the aim is to reshape the nose with a filling application without any radical change.You do not even need anesthesia during the procedure.It is a painless process with no laceration.By implementing applications to the problematic areas of nose, and existing skewness, collapses or irregular profiles are filled and the nose profile is lifted in a suitable way.The muscles pulling the tip of the nose down are injected and the erection is achieved.In addition, contour corrections are made with the application of fillings on the same region.With small touches, a result with aesthetic profile appears.

Post Rhinoplasty without surgery

You can immediately integrate into your social life after the process.No bruises or eudema is experienced.There is no need for any recovery process and period.

Is Rhinoplasty without surgery permanent?

The permanence of the filling application varies depending on the individual, that is, depending on the biological process.You can observe the continuation of the application for an average of 6 months to 2 years.With a 10-minute operation, you will have a comfortable contouring experience for 2 years.By having this temporary application, you can decide whether you want a permanent operation or not, you might have a more positive attitude towards Simple Rhinoplasty and operations and have a clear decision.

Who can have Rhinoplasty without Surgery?

  • Those who do not want to have a radical change on their nose
  • Those with nasal mimic muscles that tend to work too much
  • Those with ptosis at their nose tips
  • Those who want a slightly upright nose
  • Those who complain about their profile view
  • Those who do not want to have any surgeries
  • Those who need contour arrangements
  • Those who want to breathe comfortably
  • Those who want to make a trial before surgical Rhinoplasty operation

Advantages of Rhinoplasty without Surgery:

  • As there is no laceration, it is painless and does not have any possible surgical complications.
  • It helps you to have a new profile with little touches.
  • It is a practical application that lasts 10 minutes on an average.
  • The curvature is camouflaged or alleviated
  • The tip of nose is lifted
  • Defects as a result of Surgical rhinoplasty may be fixed
  • The back side of nose can be corrected and put in a flat shape
  • Nose-to-forehead, nose-to-lip and nose-nose wing images can be rendered aesthetically
  • Providing relaxation of valve angle which is the narrowest air passage part in the nose will cause more comfortable breathing and functional solution

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* Note: The information you send will not be shared with third parties.